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I’ve picked up quite a few tips throughout my endeavors of maintaining and caring for horses. One thing I’ve noticed is that they are extremely smart creatures, not to be taken lightly. You should always respect the equine you’re watching over. For instance, when taking horseback riding lessons, you should never disrespect the horse but rather always treat it with compassion and kindness. I’ve seen too may people do the exact opposite when riding horses and more often than not, the end result is not favorable for anyone. With that being said, for more info on a site that I really appreciate does a good job at applying this, you can visit it here: I do however, have some suggestions and opinions on how to have a clean and happy horse so keep reading if interested, although I should warn you it’s quite lengthy.

Horses demand more than just a casual feeding and brushing. Just ask any horse owner or veterinarian and they will quickly tell you that these animals require a great deal of care and patience. The upkeep and maintenance of large animals can be overwhelming if you do not make them part of your daily routine. Here are 7 Simple horse grooming tips that any horse lover will find helpful.

It is pertinent that you take care of your feet and on the same hand it is pertinent to take care of your horses feet. Like human feet, dirty hooves to a house can cause infections and can even make your horse unable to walk. Therefore, buy an inexpensive hoof pick and use it on a regular basis (every day) so as to dislodge any pebbles or debris that may be stuck in the crevices of the hoof.

Horse Riding Lessons
Equine Hooves

Making sure to wash and clean the face of a horse after a ride or another exercise is necessary to prevent hair loss and infections that can occur from fungal infections. Dampness, moisture and sweat can damage the coat of your horse, and sometimes the face of the animal is forgotten. Instead of using the rigid sweat scrapers to remove water from the hips and legs of a horse, you should use the Squeegees that are made specifically for horses. This is more comfortable for the animal, and it does a better job. Using these products can also help you avoid scraping away bits of hair from the animals body.

Use a sponge to clean different areas on your horse. Keep these separate and do not use the same sponge on the dock that is used for the face. If you remember to keep the sponges separated, you will prevent cross contamination of bacteria and other microbes from one area to another.

The tail of a horse requires the same kind of maintenance as a girl’s hair. It must be washed, conditioned, and detangled weekly. The tail should also be brushed every day to prevent serious tangling and to prevent snarls and sores on your horse. If you want, you can use a tail bag to protect your horse’s tail, but be certain to tie the bag below the horse’s tail bone.

Horses with darker coats need to spend time in the shade, outside of the sun. The sun can turn their coats a different shade and cause damage. It is also important that your horse is rinsed with water after coming from an intense ride, or after a rigorous exercise activity. The salt in the sweat can also speed up the fading process and cause damage to the coat of your horse. However, the rinsing will stop this and is something very simple for any horse owner to do.

Remember that bathing your horse is part of good grooming, but you need to exercise caution. If you give him too many shampoos, you can create a dull coat. Regular bathing with soaps and shampoos should be a once a week process at most.

Use a coat polishing spray after bathing your horse. If you use one of these products, it will not only create incredible shine but will prevent dust from adhering and building up on the hairs. Less dust means a healthy coat and decreases the chances of skin infections and allergies. Basically, if you’re looking for horse riding lessons chandler arizona, then it’s important that the owners’ of the horse follow these principles. And it will be pretty obvious when you see the horse if they are or not. That’s all for now until next time.

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My First Post of Many

So basically as the title already gives it away, this is my first post on this blog where I’ll be talking about fashionable horses that you can have style with, and just equines in general of course. I’ve spent my whole life with equine, so I like to think I know a thing or two about them. I’m going to try my best to keep this blog updated regularly (as best I can anyways), with all things considering ie; wife and kids, plus a hectic scheduled. You guys know hos it is I’m sure. Anyways, check back on this site often if you can for new info. For now though, how’s about this funny horses video?